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Stirchley Bacon

Compliance is as crucial in our business as it is in yours. We use the most up-to-date manufacturing technology to produce our sliced bacon products at Stirchley Bacon. This includes a full traceability system from intake, incorporating all production processes, right through to dispatch. We are fully aware of the challenges faced in your industry and we work hard to ensure the systems are in place to ensure you remain 100% confident in our product range.


It’s crucial we continuously develop these systems to ensure superior quality, consistency and reliable supply. Every Stirchley Bacon product at each production process is tracked.


The company operates a full HACCP system and is accredited by BRC at the highest level. In terms of our suppliers, our business is based on close working relationships with reliable and professional suppliers. In our industry, a solid partnership is vital as it allows us to meet our clients’ requirements with confidence and security. At Stirchley Bacon, we see traceability as a vital issue and have a complete traceability programme in place for many years.

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